Binary Garden

Binary Garden

Binary Garden merges algorithms, touchscreen interaction, audio reactivity, and local and remote audiences into a dazzling interactive artwork.

Code: Marpi
Documentation: Joshua Brott
Audio: Bent Stamnes
Video music: eccoscreen
Modeling: Andie Vallée
Presented with: Obscura
Exhibited with: OUTPUT

The core system is touch and sound reactive, with 14 different animation presets unified in a graphic, black-and-white palette. Some are based on classical simplex noise and others draw from pixel art, patterns and distance.

Audiences can interact with the surfaces in real-time; as one person distorts or resets the pattern, whether through live or smartphone-mediated gesture, every other person — live or remote — simultaneously witnesses the ripple and change.

Binary Garden is canvas-agnostic and continuous across all web platforms; it can be run on almost any display, or projected onto any surface.

Past installations have included an array of nine touchscreens at Obscura in San Francisco, California (February 2017) and room-scale projections with an AV set at "The Undiscovered" exhibition by OUTPUT at K11 Guangzhou, China (May 2018) and 3LD Art & Technology Center in New York, New York (June - July 2018).