Succulent Machines

Succulent Machines

Installed at the heart of Burning Man 2018, a temporary city built and decommissioned every summer in Black Rock Desert, Succulent Machines collides the mechanical and the organic, the robotic and the natural.

Technical Direction: Kevin Colorado
Programming: Marpi
3D Artist: Will Atwood
Sound design: Bent Stamnes
Documentation: Daniel Garcia
In collaboration with: IAMAI

Created in response to the festival theme of “I, robot” and part of the IAMAI project — what the organizers describe as the “legal declaration of coexistence between man and machine, formed as a living AI media art installation that will show you visions of the AI future”. Succulent Machines presents a never-ending series of golden gears and cogs, twined together like multiple helixes of DNA.

Displayed on a 360-degree projection mapped surface that wraps the base of the Man, Succulent Machines is partially generative, partially controlled by a hidden Leap Motion sensor.

Touching the plant, audiences have the sense that they have somehow permeated it, into its living genetic code, and can play with the brilliant patterns that constitute it.